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What is the Vet Pages?

Welcome to the only handheld paper version database called the Vet Pages. While you are on the virtual version our primary focus is reaching Veterans that do not use Google, Facebook, or YouTube. There are 365,000 homeless Veterans in the United States and over 75% only have the option to be advocated for via the Internet even though they have no experience or background using computers. We have forgotten our homeless Veterans once, we can no longer sit idle and forget them again.

How The Vet Pages Works

We distribute free small paperback books to local commercial storefronts so that Veterans can obtain them for FREE. Inside what we call "The Vet Pages," Veterans will be able to find local organizations that provide the services that local Veterans need so desperately.

What areas are covered in The Vet Pages?

The Vet Pages is currently focused on two to three states in each region of the United States. Our goal is to cover all 50 states but we can't do that without your help and support. Proving this is endeavor is successful in several states will allow us the Federal funding we need to go nation wide. You can visit our donation page once you enter the site.

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